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Welcome to the 2014 UnDesign Awards, by LELO. Pour a drink, find a space, put on your creative hat, and prepare to demolish some metaphorical barriers.

The Challenge

Deconstruct Design to Reconstruct Connection

We at LELO are challenging designers all over the world to go back to design’s roots, to undesign something and conceptualize something original – and it can be anything at all: an app, an artefact, an image, an item, an accessory, whatever you want – with a single goal in mind…

…to encourage togetherness, and to inspire a real human interaction, for anyone, anywhere at any time.

So step up, brave designer, and UnDesign something amazing. Start from scratch and show us how we can deconstruct design to reconstruct connections.


Fashion & Accessories

How could what we wear be a tool to bring us closer to those around us? How can fashion help us stay better connected with loved ones?

Technology, Products & Spaces

From augmented reality to smart materials, how might high technology aid intimacy? How can spaces encourage togetherness?

Graphic Illustration & Painting

How might something visual strengthen existing connections and encourage new ones? How does imagery evoke feelings of closeness?

How to Enter

Step 1 :

Register below

Submission for 2014 is now closed, but sign up here to get the latest updates from the award & our winners.

Technology is developed to empower and unify us. But it’s doing just the opposite. It’s time to get closer again.

Miroslav Slavic, LELO CEO


Miroslav Slavic

Sila Songkran

Michael Beets

Shinichi Honda

Judging Criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Uniqueness & originality of design
  • Functionality
  • Ability to bring people closer


One Winner from each category will receive


  • $1,000 USD
  • $300 USD worth of LELO products
  • Feature design on Design Award website for a year long
  • Feature design on all LELO blogs
  • Opportunity for Feature & Interview on Major Design Publications

2014 Winners

About LELO

Since 2003, Swedish designer brand LELO has transformed the intimate lifestyle industry, and with it, peoples’ perception of sensual massagers. By applying only the highest standards of innovation, quality and design to every item in their portfolio, LELO products help cultivate deeper connections between couples, and empower individuals to live more sensually satisfied lives.

7 million

the number of LELO products sold as of January 2014


the number of international markets in which LELO is currently sold


the number of major design and industry awards won by LELO since 2009

There can be no more noble a pursuit than bringing pleasure to people’s lives.

Filip Sedic, LELO founder
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